Saturday, June 30, 2012


Volunteers are needed to help purchase the ingredients, cook, serve and clean up after a community meal to be served at 5 PM on Monday, July 30th at Calvary Presbyterian Church at 79th and Euclid. Over 100 hungry people were served at the last community meal we provided, and we anticipate as many or more this time. Please contact Cloggie Crowder if you are available to help.


My thanks to the 44 people who attended the Constitution Revision Committee's June 3 forum. The discussion there, as well as the comments submitted in writing are TREMENDOUSLY helpful as we work to clarify and update EACC's governing document. The committee has reviewed all of the suggestions received. Some will be reflected in the proposed constitution, but not all of the suggestions can be included in the same document. There are different points of view about leadership, terms of service, and which responsibilities go with each role. As a committee, we have a goal of a consistent, clear and useful constitution, which means we have to choose from among the comments received. Please continue to give us your input. The committee includes John Baker, Ruby Brooks, David Buckle, Juanita LeFloria, and Al Parks, and any of us would be glad to talk with you. ---Ruth Garwood


EACC has been most generous the past several years in donating clothing and other items to those experiencing homelessness in Cleveland during the Homeless Stand Down, which traditionally occurs in the winter months of January and February. The Church in the World Ministry would like to continue this tradition by donating needed items to the City Mission, a homeless shelter for men, during the summer months as well. We have learned that the men there are in greatest need of towels, underwear, and toiletries. Please bring your donations to church during July and August and we will deliver them. Look for a collection box in the parlor, or see Linda Huston, Church in the World Chair.


We are signing up the youth of the church for our Summer Softball League. This is a co-ed league for ages 8-16. Transportation will be provided to and from the two sites: Lonnie Burton Park at 40th and Community College, or Sterling Park at 32nd and St. Clair. Please see Brian Littles for a permission slip.


Are you ready for VBS (Vacation Bible School)!!! Plans are being made to bring VBS to EACC!!! Be on the lookout for more news... Weekly updates will be placed in the bulletin... Stay Tuned for VBS!!! YAY


EACC Youth Ministry is currently seeking volunteers to help serve in our “Faith Friday” game night and for VBS. One requirement: YOU MUST LOVE YOUNG PEOPLE!!! Please see Rev. Danage after service or call the church office.


At a Congregational Meeting to be held immediately after worship on Sunday, August 12, the New Beginnings Committee will present to the congregation a proposal of a property upon which we might build a new church. The congregation will vote on a course of action regarding the possible purchase of this property and the purchase price. The attendance of a 2/3 majority of members having a right to vote on this matter is required.


There will not be a workshop on July 8, 2012.  The committee is weighing recommendations that require more information.  Therefore, in preparation for the August 12th congregational meeting we expect to have a Town Hall Meeting in late July.  Ziska Architecture representatives will conduct the meeting, bringing examples of designs for our review.  Also it will be important to incorporate the visions of a church that members have put on the Vision Board in the workshop discussion. 

On August 12th with the additional information mentioned above the committee should be able to make recommendations which will enable the congregation to make a decision about the next phase of our journey.

Remember, we ask that you envision what "Church" means to you.  What would you want it to look like in terms of a physical structure and in terms of a spiritual gathering of Christ's followers?  What programs would you like to see the church pursue -- the elimination of injustices,  feeding the homeless, providing comfort to children and families?

Will our church continue to be a loving and accepting body of Christ's people?

Place your  pictures, comments on the Vision Board. 


Camp Coordinator Cloggie Crowder wants us to know that 14 kids and 2 adults will be going to UCC camps this year. The first group of youth will be going to “Love the Pool” camp from July 8-14, and the second group are attending “Still Love the Pool” from July 22-27. If you want to send notes to the campers while they’re gone, see Cloggie at church and she can give you the addresses.

Then in September Sandra Thomas and Varanae Carter will be attending Grandparents Camp for 3 days.

Have a good time, all 16 of you!



For the last few weeks I have centered my children’s sermon on the idea of belonging to God in spite of the summertime blues. Not only do we need to know we belong to God but we also need to make sure we have an outlet so that we can enjoy the beautiful weather afforded to us from summertime. Trouble is easy to find throughout the year but particularly in the summer, trouble seems to lurk around just waiting for the opportunity to ruin someone’s summer with a critical mistake or a momentary lapse in judgment. Stop!!!!! Welcome to Euclid Avenue Congregational Church Youth Ministry’s “Faith Fridays”!! Faith Friday is game! This new initiative is designed to aid our young people in fighting the summertime blues. We will be having a boatload of fun and you don’t want to miss it! If you love video games, “Faith Friday” is for you! If you love chess, “Faith Friday” is for you! If you want a place to just hang out and enjoy some great fellowship, “Faith Friday” is for you!!!! Please come out and join us; you don’t want to miss it! Rev. Danage


Faith Friday occurs on the 1st Friday of the month here at EACC from 6 pm–9 pm

WHERE: EACC (Parlor)



Every Sunday is special, of course, with traditional services at 10 AM on all of them and the Well Worship, our contemporary service, at noon on the fourth Sundays, July 22 and August 26. Also please note:

July 15 – Senior Saints Sunday

Five of our members who have achieved 90 or more years of age (Samella Carroll, Anna Tucker, Jeanette Potts, Alma Jones and Virginia Becker) will be celebrated with a worship service that will include videos of interviews with them, followed by a reception in their honor. Committee members who have been working on this event are chairperson Linda Brewer, Mary Guen, Cyndi Henderson, Dean Sieck and Cheryl Wacasey.

July 22 – 10 AM – Global Sunday with Rev. Ruth Garwood preaching

Ruth Garwood, Amanda Powell, and the Alive360 Band from Federated Church in Chagrin Falls will lead our service on July 22. Amanda and the band integrate into worship a wide range of music from around the globe. This diverse and engaging music helps to connect with people around the world as well as to the people in the pews next to us. Amanda and some of the band members were among the worship leaders at the UCC's General Synod in 2011. EACC member Ruth Garwood will preach.

July 22 – 12noon – Well Worship service with Rev. Eva Billingsly preaching

August 12 – Congregational Meeting at which we will vote on a property where we will build our new church home.

August 19 – Rev. Avery Danage, preaching