Friday, September 4, 2015


Our church will be fasting for 10 days as a corporate body on Tuesday, September 8 until Friday, September 18th. Fasting is a spiritual discipline utilized to help us focus and gain stamina for the next season of ministry.  You are encouraged to prayerfully consider abstaining from something you enjoy and utilize that time for prayer, meditation and reflection on how to implement that which you have heard from the Lord.  We often suggest the Daniel Fast (fruits and vegetables only). If that's not your cup of tea consider fasting from sweets, social media, television, candy, music or any other activity you often indulge in when you could be talking with God. There will be fasting guides, with all the information needed to fast, available on Sunday, September 6.  Daily we will have a prayer call at 6:00 a.m..  Dial (641) 715-3200. The access code is: 250999. The call will not last more than 15 min. We have had a summer full of food, fun and fellowship. As the fall sets in this is a perfect time to intentionally commune with God for clarity of purpose and be filled with the strength to finish our the year strong.

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